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The Earl’s Secret Treasure by Nicole Renee


The Earl’s Secret Treasure by Nicole Renee 

Genres: Romance, Historical Fiction
Publication date: 29th October 2019
Pages: 287

Karina Bardot, daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Essex has always been overlooked. Plain, and too involved in her novels, she was resigned to being a spinster for the rest of her life.No man could possibly match the heroes she read about in her quiet time, so, she was content with letting her books be the loves of her life.
Quite thrilled with it actually.
That was until her parents informed her of her sudden betrothal to a Marquis. She barely even knew of her own engagement, and now she is to meet her future husband? Now Karina’s forced to endure a season filled with endless parties, mind-numbing conversation, and dress shopping. Something she detested more than ballrooms. Captain Cole Black asked his men to do one job. Find the woman who stole expensive fabrics from their trade deal, and return to the ship posthaste. He was leery of being in London for too long, as having left the high society life, with its obligations and stifling rules of decorum long ago. Cole was confident that his men would return with the woman responsible for their delay, and continue on their journey. Only his men returned with someone else entirely. And the ship had already left port.
Will Karina finally get the excitement, and adventure she’s been craving all along? And Will Cole finally realize that his greatest treasure is not lost at sea?


Nicole Renee

Twenty-Nine years old. Bachelor of Arts in mass communication and journalism from Fresno State University. Master of Science in human resource management from Strayer University. Aspiring world traveler, big sister to the best little sister in the entire world. Foodie Extrodinaire. Lover of all things happily ever after.


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