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Dark City by Anna Mocikat


Dark City
by Anna Mocikat
2nd book in Tales of the Shadow City series
(can be read without 1st book)

Genres:  Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publication day: 17th September 2020
Pages: 295

With the help of his human and non-human allies, Colton has accomplished the impossible; he killed the Overlord of the Dark Ones, crippling their offensive – for now. The battle is won, but the war has just begun.
Three weeks later, the nightmarish creatures from another dimension are back. And they’re stronger and more vicious than ever.
If that isn’t bad enough, Colton is suffering from a mysterious, life-threatening illness.
To save him, his friends bring him to the enigmatic Academy- a conglomerate of cyber-enhanced scientists. Here, the shocking truth about Colton’s identity is finally revealed.
Meanwhile, Vincent, a powerful entity disguised as a human soldier, falls for Eurydice, an ice-cold enforcer for the Dark Ones. He must choose which side he’s on. A momentous decision that could destroy the world as we know it…

Fast-paced, action-driven, and cinematic, Dark City takes place in the heart of the eternal war between good and evil, told in a way you’ve never heard before.


Anna Mocikat is the award-nominated, internationally published author of “Behind Blue Eyes”, the “Tales of the Shadow City” series and the “MUC” series.
Before becoming a novelist, she graduated from Film School and worked as a screenwriter and game writer for over a decade.
Anna Mocikat lives in Greenville, South Carolina.


I’m organizing a Book Tour for Dark City by Anna Mocikat.
It’s the 2nd book in Tales of the Shadow City series but it can be read without knowing the story form the 1st book.
If you are interested in reading and reviewing also the 1st book, the author can provide digital copy of it.
The tour will take place from 16th to 20th September and will contain reviews.
Review copies will be available in: epub/mobi.

Note: signing up does not guarantee a spot on the tour.
Confirmed participants will be emailed a month before the tour about schedule.
Official Tour Schedule will also appear below.


16th September
1. Luminosity Library >> Review

17th September
1. Willow Writes And Reads >> Review
2. reading_wordsmith >> Review

18th September
1. Book Jumping >> Review

19th September
1. the.b00kreader >> Review

20th September
1. A Little Big Reader >> Review
2. Bookriot >> Review
3. katjas_book_corner >> Review

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