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After Sunset by Nicole Renee


After Sunset by Nicole Renee 

Genres: Romance, Paranormal/ Supernatural
Publication date: 12th June 2020
Pages: 327

Two years of hard work finally paid off. After an emotional but necessary move, Winter Frame was now the proud owner of Bayou Books in New Orleans. She loved her new friends and apartment in the French Quarter and she wouldn’t have it any other way. So what if the natives were a little too involved in folklore and superstitions? It wasn’t real, so she had nothing to really worry about. Right?Wrong.
Zahir Slade was irritated. As the reigning king of the supernatural community, it was his job to make sure rules were enforced, were-species were safe, and the human world stayed blissfully unaware of their kind. Unfortunately, his brother’s interaction with a human bookstore owner was going to make that task a tad bit difficult. Or Maybe Not…Will Zahir realize that he has nothing to worry about when it comes to Winter? And will Winter realize that not all stories are fiction? Especially down in New Orleans?
Let’s find out.


Nicole Renee

Twenty-Nine years old. Bachelor of Arts in mass communication and journalism from Fresno State University. Master of Science in human resource management from Strayer University. Aspiring world traveler, big sister to the best little sister in the entire world. Foodie Extrodinaire. Lover of all things happily ever after.


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